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About us

Cromo N.B. is founded on January 10, 1927 by Nino Basevi.

The company's activity was continued by the son-in-law Gianfranco Comincini and today is directed by Federico Comincini, Marco and Francesca.

In 1998 they moved from the historical sites in the center of Milan to the most modern and functional facility in Bareggio (MI).

In 1999, Francesca Creation S.r.o., a subsidiary of Martin, Slovakia, was established as an industry with graphics and production development, which employs 120 people and has recently moved to the new site of 3000 square meters. Cromo N.B. worked with the best world artists, such as Vasco, Bianchi, Gobbi, Bonelli, Mandrino, Luciana and above all Adolfo Simeone, who owns the world's largest collection of originals.

All drawings published by Cromo N.B. are exclusively owned and copyrighted, and the number is constantly expanded with new artists that have been added over the years, creating an archive of thousands of original designs.



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Via Monte Nero 7 20008 Bareggio, Milano