About us

Founded in 1927 by N.G. Basevi, and continuing the tradition with the Comincini Family, CROMO N.B.was the first to introduce color printing to what had been exclusively black and white reproductions. Throughout this time, CROMO N.B. has maintained its leading edge.

Today, CROMO N.B.Milan is recognized as the foremost publisher of Fine Religious Art. Cromo N.B. is home to the world's renowned top religious artists. Cromo today is the leading producer and designer for the world market for Greeting Cards and Religious Prints. In addition to the Religious Art line Cromo N.B. also posseses one of the biggest library of designs for Greeting Cards including humor, everyday, baptism, birth cards, communion, confirmation and wedding announcements.

Cromo N.B. was founded on 10th January 1927 from Giacomo Basevi, called Nino (that is why the letters N.B. in our name), who started to print those religious pictures that still today are the most important range of our production.

After his death in 1951, his son-in-law Gianfranco Comincini became the manager of the Company and he also introduced the production the greeting cards, for which now we are one of the most important Italian producers.

During the years our collection, created entirely with original paints and draws ordered to our artists, has been enriched and today we are among those few that can boast archive of thousands of designs and paints.

In 1998 we moved from the old head office of Via Ausonio, in the centre of Milan, to the new and more functional building in Bareggio, where 15 people are employed.